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Bikram 90

This is the traditional “Bikram” sequence of 26 postures in a consistent order including 2 sets of each posture. Static series promotes focus and determination. The 90 minute set sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises is composed of a standing series followed by a floor series where each posture is done twice. Through discipline and structure, 26 & 2 allows students to gain strength, flexibility and balance. Conducted without music, 26 & 2 assists in developing the concentration needed for meditation and proper alignment. Designed to heal, strengthen, and balance the body as well as the mind. The class starts and ends with stillness in a comfortable seated position and also includes 2 breathing exercises. The heat will allow you to safely reach new levels of personal flexibility. Creative sequencing to inspire physical, energetic, mental, and inner freedom or higher state of consciousness. All levels welcome.

Bikram 60

Warm up to the the therapeutic benefits of the “Hot 90 (Bikram Method)” with this class which hits the highlights in just 60 minutes. 1 set of each 26 postures. The class starts and ends with stillness in a comfortable seated position and also includes 2 breathing exercises.he heat will allow you to safely reach new levels of personal flexibility. Creative sequencing to inspire physical, energetic, mental, and inner freedom or higher state of consciousness. All levels welcome.


HOT HIIT®️ is a heat based training system that combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), muscle toning, and cardio. This 60 minute class burns fat and creates long, lean muscles, with rapid results. Great Music, great instructor ... the best sixty minute work out on the Main Line.

Beginners Yoga

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities,
but in the expert's there are few."

Like my buddy Kim loves to say “We’re all beginners” and many a so called “expert” will find a confort and rejuvenation practicing our beginner series which introduces general flow, fundamental principles of alignment, and breath work. Students will be introduced to yoga postures through step-by-step verbal description and demonstration. Emphasis is placed on student understanding, safety, and stability within each pose.

Our beginner class is structured to set the foundation for a solid practice, as we begin moving and breathing in new ways. Some of yoga’s greatest benefits—for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike—come from the breath. “Deep breathing, or yogic breathing, helps us regulate emotions and reduces stress,” she says. “Breathing and moving mindfully moves energy through our minds and emotions and helps to awaken our connection to Spirit. We feel freer and more connected, inside and out” says Remy our beginners Yoga teacher.

Classic Barre

Classic Barre is a high energy class and is excellent for anyone looking to tone legs, booty, core, and arms to upbeat music. This class is a dynamic fusion of barre work, light weights, non-impact cardio and yoga designed for developing long and lean muscles. By activating small muscle groups this class provides cross training and aids in injury prevention and recovery. All levels welcome.

Classic Hatha Yoga

Warning: This class is taught by one of the best Yoga Teachers in the world. It is our honor to have Ammie here with us --- we urge you to take anything she teaches.

Find your center in this 60-minute Hatha class designed to help you consciously focus your energy in specific areas of the body and gain a greater understanding of the mechanics of your muscles. Aimme will guide you through a series of poses that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced, that utilize longer holds to give you time and space to recruit the correct muscles, find a calm steady breath, and enter a meditative state. A well rounded and comprehensive class, you will be given the opportunity to explore arm balances and advanced hip-opening poses, as well as encouragement to hold stillness using root and navel lock in each pose.

Gentle Flow

Start your Sunday morning in a gentle yoga class with Betsy (Leschinsky) This class is safe and welcoming for students of all ages and skill levels. Basic poses, mindful breathing and a soothing sequence will be waiting for you.

Gentle yoga does not mean “wimpy” yoga. This class moves at a slower pace, cultivating strength and flexibility, while interspersed with options for rest and integration. We will use props and yogic breathing to support opening our bodies, moving towards a deep relaxation to relieve both physical and mental stress. Classes will draw from traditional yoga postures, and the occasional restorative and yin posture, too! Great for new students, pregnant women, people recovering from illness or injury, and anyone looking for a restorative break in the day. All Levels.

Simple Meditation

At Focus we believe in many paths and many teachers. Our offerings are rooted in what is now called “Mindfulness” a simple concept that is practiced both “on the cushion” and in every day life with its history linked to ancient Buddhism.

Our Simple Meditation classes all hold a space for individuals to explore their inner world while sitting in a supportive community. Together we will sit and find guidance from the help of a teacher, but as your journey progresses, you’ll find a greater sensitivity to Self and that individual inner voice begins to speak. Meditation brings connection within you and unity in your outer world. In this short, friendly class you will be guided through a led meditation. There will be a little time to share experiences and ask questions, for those that would like to, at the end of the practice. This class is suitable for all. No previous experience of meditation is necessary.

Warm Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa yoga is one of the most popular styles of yoga practiced in Western yoga studios today. A Vinyasa yoga practice connects individual poses or “asanas” with deep breaths or “pranayama” in a series of flowing sequences of movement.

At Focus we designed our Vinyasa Flow classes to progressively open the body. Each sequence in a builds upon the previous, evolving into deeper, more advanced postures as the practice unfolds. Resetting “vinyasas,” are a standard series of poses that transition the yogi back to their home base pose: Downward Facing Dog. The entire practice culminates with a deep sense of mindfulness, self-connection and ease.

Our Vinyasa flow class includes a range of standing, seated and supine poses, twists, balancing postures, forward folds, inversions, back bends and targeted core strengthening. Some classes might offer guided meditation, chanting, or breath work, and all classes end in a state of utter relaxation in Corpse Pose or “Savasana.” Yogis can expect to experience increased flexibility, strength, stability, and overall calmness and clarity. All Levels.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a fitness-based vinyasa practice. An offshoot of Ashtanga Yoga, it has many of the same qualities and benefits, including building internal heat, increased stamina, strength, and flexibility, as well as stress reduction. Our teachers design their own sequences, while students synchronize their breath with their movement. We bring music into the mix at nights with a nice warm room. No rest, always moving, find out why Power Yoga has become the most popular form of Yoga amongst the next generation of Yogis.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a complementary approach to an active style of postural yoga and an active lifestyle. It allows the body to slow down, and unwind. This practice helps to stimulate, strengthen, and revive tissues of the body by incorporating passive, longer held poses, (2-5 minutes each), using supportive props.

Restorative Yoga

At its core, Restorative Yoga is a practice of passive healing. This yoga style is known for its ability to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the “rest and digest” part of your nervous system that helps keep basic functions working as they should. Using supportive props, comfortable asanas are held for longer periods of time (3-10 minutes each) with the lights low for healing relaxation. Occasionally, sound healing or Reiki may be incorporated.

Gentle Energy Flow

Feeling burned out? Experiencing Adrenal Fatigue? Facing caregiver exhaustion? Don't have the time, nor energy, to get onto your mat? Can't meditate (nor sleep!) because your mind never stops racing? This class is for you. Through a gentle combination of Energy Medicine yoga, Hatha yoga, breath work, Qi Gong and optional Rieke, we invite the mind to release, the body to let go and the spirit to be nurtured. In this class we return to our inner knowing and remember what it is to give ourselves permission to stop, to rest and to simply be. No yoga experience required, all bodies encouraged and welcomed.

Gente Yoga

entle Yoga is for those who prefer a softer, mindful class that moves at a pace which allows the student to follow along. In this class the instructor offers modifications to those challenged by certain poses, making the practice accessible to all students. gentle postures which connect the breath, mind and body, improve flexibility and offer an overall sense of well- being.

Trauma Recovery Yoga

Trauma often results in PTSD, which causes a loss of trust with one’s own body, and existing as if the traumatic event is still happening after the threat is gone. Over time, this state of being may cause anxiety, depression, behavioral health/relationship issues, and addiction.

Yoga is a pathway to recover from the imprisonment of trauma and addiction. A yoga practice helps those experiencing the effects of trauma and addiction to feel at home in their bodies. This leads to stability, heightened self-esteem, and healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Join Hummingbird Yoga teachers for a mindful and gentle 60-minute Trauma Recovery Yoga class, which will begin with a body regulating breath practice followed by mindful, gentle movements infused with intention and breath. Your instructor will guide you through restorative relaxation at the end of your practice, intending to deliver you into the weekend with ease.

All Levels Yoga

All Levels Yoga offers a moderately paced class, connecting the breath with the postures. The instructor guides the students through a sequence of postures designed to build strength and flexibility. Individual attention will guide participants towards propping and adjustments to deepen into the pose. The teacher may include inversions in the sequence, but also alternatives to those inversions. All Levels Yoga begins with a grounding practice, connecting the mind, body and breath, and ends with the same intention, leaving the student feeling strong, flexible and serene.

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