Justin Riley

Teaching Credentials: Bikram's Yoga College of India Teacher Training, Spring 2013

Awards: The prestigious Yogi Award, given to one of the hundreds of teachers in training

Quote: “Not getting it is getting it.”

As soon as Justin realized that you can actually make a career out of teaching yoga, he knew without a doubt it was exactly what he wanted to be doing. Being a bass player for 27 years, Justin loves the simplicity and the foundations cultivated in a therapeutic hot yoga class. His background in music instruction and animal rescue work showed him just how rewarding facilitating the learning and rehabilitation process can be, and he finds that same process in the hot yoga rooms when he teaches. “To see real positive change and to be a catalyst of it,” fuels his motivation for teaching. Justin’s biggest inspiration and role models in the yoga room are our own Leo Eisenstein, Joel Pier and too many more to mention. His teaching style, some might call, “South Philly” with a side…Justin is a true hot yoga rock star and one of the best teachers we’ve ever known.

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Olga Zografakis

NASM Certified Personal trainer, HOT HIIT®️ instructor, HIIT Instructor (15+), Coach and Conditioning Specialist. Olga is an absolute power-house who will give you one of the best workouts of your life and leave you with a huge smile to boot. She is also a wonderful teacher [of children] here in the Lower Merion School District and a super human whose energy inspires

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Betsy Leschinsky

Betsy completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training 10 years ago at Focus Fitness. Over the years she has taken many workshops including yoga for children, yoga for back issues, Nectar yoga training and mindfulness trainings. She loves to teach beginners, teenagers and people who want to get back to their yoga practice. Betsy is also an amazing teacher at the Shipley School and the best friend you could ever dream of.

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Erin Cook

Erin is a former division one athlete, a current high school coach, and most impressively [to us] the former owner of Bikram Main Line which she ran for over fifteen years. She has taught just about every hot yoga TEACHER in the tri-state area and her classes are the product of her thousands and thousands of hours teaching. Simply the best is the way we like to describe Erin — and we are very very fortunate to have her here amongst us — a real hot yoga hero.

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Diane Roberts

A pioneer in the Main Line Hot Yoga scene, the first to open a licensed Bikram studio in our area outside of Berwyn, and one of the best Hot Yoga instructors on the planet, there’s not much to say. Sunshine pours out of her heart and is mixed with the power and strength of her soul when she teaches. It is a real honor and privilege to have Diane with us — life is crazy like that — seems like just yesterday when we were all her little ducklings over at Bikram Wynnewood.

Her credentials are:

  • 200 hour yoga training at Verge in 2010
  • Vinyasa tteacher at Focus Fitness 2010-2012
  • 800 hour Bikram training in 2012
  • Bikram Yoga Wynnewood Owner and Teacher 2012-2017

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Tico Betancourt

Full bio coming soon.

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Andy Hurwitz

Andy's been a long-time student and member of the Philly Hot Yoga scene studying with the late great Joel Pier and his disciples that specicially include Dr. Leo Eisenstein, Chris Fluck, Mary Noelle {Rip}, and James Pfeiffer. His biggest influence though came off the matts fifteen years ago when a chance encounter led him to the great Gabrielle Rocco who introduced Andy to the world of mindfulness and Bon Buddhism who opened his mind and practice to include the first wave Westerners that brougth Buddhism to the states in the early 70s incluing Joseph Golstein, Sylvia Borstein, John Pema Chodren, Jon Kabat-Zinn and others. Andy's meditation classes are simply guided with a short talk before and after.

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Ammie Ferguson

Ammie Moralez Ferguson has been teaching yoga on the east coast sinAmmiece 2011. Since 1999 she trained and studied in depth macrobiotic and raw nutrition and many styles of yoga including Traditional Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Yn, Bikram, Prenatal and Yoga Nidra. Ammie also has a deep understanding of anatomy. Since 2014 she continues to study Meridian Science and is Meridian Yoga Therapist. Other integrated methods such as Intuitive Thai Yoga Bodywork, Chinese Medicine and other alternative healing methods can be found in her tool box as well. Ammie is a homeschool mom practicing a full yogic life

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Claire Din

Clare Din has advanced training with Tony Sanchez, Ida Ripley, Susan Wyler, Maria Filippone, Scott and Ida Jo Lamps, and Esak Garcia. Trained by 3-time Dutch gold medalist Zefea Samson and senior teachers Sandy Robin, Joel Pier, and Noelle Burgoyne in Bikram yoga, Clare also holds advanced teacher training certificates in therapeutic yoga from the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts and yin yoga from Corina Benner. She has used yoga to defeat cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and more. Clare is an internationally recognized yogasana athlete ranked number 7 in the world. She is also an archery instructor, brown belt in aikido, remixer, author, and mother of two awesome boys

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Chalise Sanders

Chalise Saunders comes to us from the heavens after teaching and training across the Philly region and is certified in Bikram, Vinyasa, Power and Love.

Her unique style and vibrations will get you through most anything. Come on down and here here sing.

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