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We are huge fans of the best local nutrition crew — FJ and Adrianna and the whole gang at The Juice Dr. Who has kept us healthy and wise — we look forward to launching our Juice Dr. cleanse challenges and open up our studio to a plethora of nutrition related talks, products and training. Ideas, thoughts or suggestions — send to Andy from our contact form.

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At Focus we believe in many paths and many teachers. Our offerings are rooted in what is now called “Mindfulness” a simple concept that is practiced both “on the cushion” and in every day life with its history linked to ancient Buddhism. We will rotate instructors, practices and seminars and are excited to form our own sangha.

Co-owner Andy Hurwitz has been practicing for fifteen years under the tutelage of Gabrielle Rocco one of the most accomplished teachers in the tri-state area. Gabrielle has a wonderful studio right here in Bryn Mawr contemplative-arts and we encourage anyone and everyone to check him out.

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When the oxygen mask falls, you need to put it over your face first and breath so that you can help others that depend on you. Focusing on self sounds narcissistic at times, but we all need to be our own best friends and take the time to take the care to be the best we can be. Our Focus On Self day trips and seminars will bring you the power and love you need to keep our whole community strong. But who are we really? Is there a true ego-centric self? Like my man Sam Harris likes to preach - the self is illusory. For now we will grateful to ourselves for taking the time to care for ourselves so that we can care for others. Focus

Focus on

The idea is not original, but our approach will be because it will focus on you and your friends [if you want] and your people [if you want] but definitely will focus on your Focus Bryn Mawr crew posse - your teachers, your guides, your coaches and your artists. With the help of our friends at Wanderlust we will curate a series of Four day travel experiences that will take you out of your mind, body and soul, and leave you ready to get back and grind on the Main Line. First stop — Puerto Rico this fall. Get ready and stay tuned.

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