Single Class Drop-In $25.00

No commitment -- one class! You pay, you come, you go, you're good. No strings attached.

Class Cards

5-Class Card $95.00

Good for any five classes, anytime, never expires. Give us five classes and we'll change your life.

10-Class Card $190.00

For the yogis taking things one day at a time this card never expires as long as you don't. 10 classes, tuck em away and use as you wish. K? Love you, mean it.

20-Class Card $385.00

Take 20 classes and stick them in your pocket with this 20 class card that does not ever expire. Use as you wish and swim like a fish, as you become one with the Yoga. Sure this is corny sales talk but isn't all sales talk corny? Here's the truth -- Yoga saves. Come get some.


New Member Special $65.00/month

For new members only -- take a month and get to know us.

Focus Unlimited Monthley Membership $150.00/month

The Focus Unlimited Membership is good for all classes, and all offerings. For the serious Yogi that needs to belong. Auto-renews every month. Can be cancelled at any time without fees. Comes with unlimited towels and laundry.

One Year Unlimited Class Card $1,500.00/year

Expires. Go for yours -- one year any class we offer -- expires one year from day you sign up and does NOT automatically renew.